Standard Productions:
Customized | Generic

Holiday Productions:
Customized | Generic
Select any of the four demos to hear the audio and read the script!

Demo Productions

Since these are just demo productions, they include only two music selections. An actual production would have many more music selections to add variety and length.

Standard Productions

These are typical productions to be used year round. You can listen to a customized demo production (as used in Packages #1 and #4) or a generic version (as used in Package #2).

Holiday Productions

These productions are for use in the November through December time frame. The customized holiday production uses your same standard customized messages interspersed with some nice holiday greetings (as used in Packages #1 and #4). You may also listen to a generic version that uses only the holiday greetings (as used in Package #2).

Note: Switching between the standard and holiday productions is as simple as pressing a button on your digitizer.