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Customized Standard Production Script

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1. Customer todayís highly competitive business climate, service is the key factor that sets the winners apart from the losers. Thatís why every business strives to make customer service priority number one. In a perfect world, every customer would receive immediate, personal attention the moment they dialed your number. Unfortunately, the reality is that you put people on hold every day, and itís up to you to make sure your clientsí time is well spent. Our complete line of on-hold products and services are designed specifically to help you use idle hold time to build a credible, professional corporate image.

2. Thank you for calling Mountain West Productions. We are producers and suppliers of customized message and music-on-hold solutions for your office telephone system. Although no one likes to be placed on hold, yet it is an inevitable part of doing business. Why not take advantage of this fact by helping your customers learn more about your products and services while waiting on hold? Let us show you how simple and inexpensive it can be to increase your sales, company image and customer satisfaction. Ask one of our representatives for details as soon as we return.

3. Letís face it...if you do business over the phone, youíre going to put people on hold. But now you can turn that frustration into a positive opportunity for you and your customers. If your business is not utilizing this virtually free form of direct communication with your customer, you are missing a tremendous captive audience when callers are put on hold. After all, you have invested a lot of money to get the phone to ring. Donít let these added selling opportunities slip by. Let us help you get started on your custom on-hold production as soon as we return.

4. If you do business over the phone, youíre going to put people on hold. What you do from there can make or break the future of your business. Thatís why getting an on-hold message production from Mountain West Productions is a smart business decision. In addition to turning tedious silence into a positive, pleasant experience, on-hold messaging offers the perfect opportunity to promote specials, establish your corporate identity, instill customer confidence, and relay useful information to your customers...all for a few pennies a day! Let us help you get started on your custom on-hold production as soon as we return.

5. Just how important is that customer phone call? Consider this Ė from the moment you answer, your caller begins to formulate an image of you, your company and the level of quality your business provides. Like it or not, that brief encounter could mean the difference between a one-time inquiry and a long-term customer. At Mountain West Productions, weíre dedicated to helping companies project the most professional image possible. Our on-hold products and services provide a fantastic way to cross-sell, up-sell, inform and convert callers to customers and are a merciful alternative to silence. Find out more when we return.

6. Thank you for calling Mountain West Productions. We appreciate your patience. Please stay on the line and one of our representatives will be right with you. If youíre serious about building a solid corporate image, you really need to learn more about our on-hold products...because you put your image on the line every time you put a call on hold.

7. "Image is everything" ... "perception is reality" ... "first impressions are lasting impressions." With so much business being done over the phone these days, what do you suppose your customers are thinking of you and your company when they get put on hold? What if your customers could spend that idle time listening to various services your company offers, or special limited-time deals, or maybe even some useful, informative tips or ideas? Your phoneís hold button has the potential to be a powerful tool to communicate directly to your prime target audience. Ask one of our representatives for details.

8. Youíre listening to a custom on-hold message production, professionally produced using our on-hold line of products and services. As a savvy business person, you understand the importance of projecting a professional, credible image. Thatís why we carry a complete line of on-hold message products and services designed for companies of every size. Whatever business youíre in, Mountain West Productions can help you polish your corporate image and communicate directly to your customers...all for a few pennies a day. Now, wasnít that better than listening to radio static or silence? We will be with you in a moment.